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Stuff I Like: Andy Warhol, Zombies, Funky Kitchens, Smart Kids

In Uncategorized on January 9, 2013 at 2:56 pm

That great Pittsburgh-born purveyor of kitsch, Andy Warhol, liked to say artists were people who made things people didn’t need to have. My friend Lori Matcho is an artist. Look what she made:



That’s right. A zombie nightlight made from an empty Zombie Zin wine bottle and some Christmas lights.

How cool is that? It’s supposed to be for Halloween, she says, but in our kitchen, it’s an all-year joy. It makes me happy just to walk by and look at it. It also keeps my zombie-love in check until the next season of “The Walking Dead” starts.

Speaking of our kitchen, I think Andy Warhol might like it. It’s painted like one of his soup cans. Red and green walls. Christmas lights. We have a print of one of Andy’s cans spot in the center. This one:

soup can


Our kitchen is perfect for us, but in our neighborhood, which can be a little Suburgatory, it looks off. My neighbors, very nice people, like to talk about their kitchens. A lot. There’s a lot of granite and bamboo-floor namedropping. Lots of talk about designer cabinets. It makes me uncomfortable.

Our kitchen — well, the zombie light fits right in. Our cabinets are circa-1979. And I never worry about it much until my kids’ friends come over and start comparing things. One of my son’s friends once told him it wasn’t cool to sleep with a blanket, that he needed a duvet. What kind of 10-year-old worries about duvets? What kind of 10-year-old knows the word, duvet?

Anyway, one of my favorites of my kids’ friends was over recently. This guy’s in kindergarten, but he could have his own talk show. Wise, funny. So he comes into the kitchen, looks around, and says, “You have a small kitchen.”

“Yep,” I say, “It sure is.”

He says, “It’s pretty colorful.”

I say, “Uh huh.”

He looks around some more then says, “But you have everything you need.”

Including one awesome zombie light and some beautiful friends. Also, there’s coffee. Lucky life.

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