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Stuff I Like: P.S. Alternatives To The Giant Chocolate Heart

In Uncategorized on January 22, 2013 at 4:16 am

So now that I’ve poked holes in my own giant-chocolate-heart dreams, here are some fresh Valentine’s (or any-tine’s) gift ideas.

Kiss this:


Nothing says “I love you” or “I’ll have flies with that” like a chocolate frog. Just $12.50 from Vermont’s Lake Champlain Chocolates. Who knows? He might be a prince. A delicious prince.

Sexy Truth or Dare:

truth or dare

A bargain at $10.17, with better dares than the one that gets your tongue stuck to a street sign. Or you can just play Spin the Bottle with that plastic water bottle you meant to re-purpose.

Yummy Gummy:

The equivalent of 1400 normal-sized gummies, this guy ($29.99, over at Vat 19) makes the chocolate heart look wimpy.

gummy bear

And if you don’t believe Gummy Bears are sexier than giant hearts any day, you haven’t seen this:

And yes, he does Gangnam Style.

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