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Stuff I Like: Beautiful Things (and Another Chance to Win Something Beautiful)

In Uncategorized on July 20, 2013 at 8:45 pm
C&R Press is giving away a limited-edition print of the cover art from my book, signed by the wonderful artist Lou Ickes and me.
Imagine seeing this every day:
cover painting
How beautiful is that?
Lou not only makes beautiful art. He is a beautiful person. For Christmas this year, he gave me the original painting, which hangs in our dining room.
Dining room is a weird term. It implies china cabinets. Or china.
My husband and I don’t have those things. In what people call a dining room, we have an old green farmhouse table. We spend a lot of time at that table drinking, talking about books, writing, playing Apples to Apples with our kids.
Also, blackjack.
Our closest friends spend a lot of time with us at this table, too. To my 12-year-old son’s horror, we ask them to carve their names there.
This, for instance, is Matcho Corner, home of the writer Adam Matcho and the beautiful Lori Matcho and their children the great D and Viggo Matcho.
matcho corner
Beneath Matcho Corner are the hard-to-make-out, gently etched initials of the artist Paulette Poullet, who hearts the poet Scott Silsbe.
The walls of our dining room are covered in corkboard, which is covered in our kids’ artwork.
phe wall
If you look closely, you can see a Minecraft version of the lovely Emily Rodgers, another lovely friend who makes beautiful music. Also, there’s Psy, whose music is questionable but who’s made a lot of people who don’t usually dance get up and shake some things.
We listen to a lot of music in this room. Scott Silsbe and his fellow poet Bob Pajich in particular have been known to get up and shake some things.
For the millennials out there, those are called cds.
If you look closely on top of all those old-school cds, you can see a watercolor painting the great Henry Denander did of my husband Dave Newman.  He even got Newman’s eyes right. They’re very blue.
Also, there’s John Prine.
The point of all this: it’s important to surround yourself with beautiful things and the people you love.
Lou Ickes’ painting is one beautiful thing. I’d love to share it with you.
If you’ve read The Bridge to Take When Things Get Serious and like it even a little bit, post a quick review on Amazon or Goodreads, then let C&R Press know you’ve done so by zapping a note here or on C&R’s Facebook page. And wham — you’re entered to win.
Contest ends July 30.
Good luck and thanks everybody for helping spread the word.

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