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This book:


So sure, my husband wrote it, but can you imagine being married to someone whose writing you didn’t think was the goods? I married the man 12 years ago because he’s beyond talented. He’s very handsome, too, but it was the writing that cinched it. And also, in the case of this book, it’s his bravery and heart — because he tells some hard truths about the underbelly of university life and reveals the brutality endured by adjunct faculty and other part-time workers in these United States. He also deals honestly with the complexity of family life. It’s simply a great book. You should read it.


This book:


Bob Pajich is the heart of Pittsburgh. And Kris Collins’ LOW GHOST PRESS is bringing hearts like Bob’s to the world. You can order Trolleyman here.


This beautiful musician and her music:

pca shoot er band

NPR says Emily Rodgers has one of those “haunting and unforgettable voices that radiates with a surreal beauty.” NPR is never wrong. Plus, she’s even better than that. Visit here.


This place: Brillobox


Especially the amazing manager Lou Ickes, whose paintings of Sasquatches, assorted Jesuses, Narwhals and more are the most brilliant and moving works of art I’ve seen in ever. He did the painting on the cover of my memoir, The Bridge to Take When Things Get Serious. Lookie here:

bridge cover<

How lucky am I? The painting is of the Westinghouse Bridge, overlooking the Electric Valley in Braddock, Pa.

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